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My morning sickness was so horrible, for both of my pregnancies. With my first one, I lost almost 15 lbs during the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. It literally started the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. Sometimes it was constant and other times it would sneak up on me when I least expected it. I would actually cry when I knew I had to take my vitamin, but being my first pregnancy, I made sure I strictly followed all orders.

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Morning Sickness and the Dreaded Prenatal Vitamin

As I mentioned, my morning sickness was so bad, I was losing weight in the beginning of my pregnancy from avoiding food, or throwing it up almost immediately. As you may know, prenatal vitamins, or any vitamins for that matter, can make you feel gross, even when you don't feel so nauseated that you think you could possibly die. Needless to say, I dreaded having to take the damn things, but as with most first time moms, I was worried that I would cause the baby some type of harm by not taking them. 

The Flintstones Save the Day!

My doctor suggested I take 2 chewable Flintstone vitamins, until the "beast backed off."
Around week 8, I was able to start taking the actual prenatal vitamins I had picked out when we were trying to conceive. I bought the Woman's One A Day Prenatal - which is ironic because there are 2 bottles. One with a tablet and the other with a capsule. The great thing about these ones, is that they had a vanilla scent/flavor to them...at first... but the fish flavor would rear its ugly head throughout the day, and when you're already feeling seasick in your own living room, you don't need the ocean haunting you. My mom said to keep them in the fridge, which did help with the "flavor issues." I have no idea if it legitimately worked, or if it just worked because my mom said it, but either way the problem seemed to disappear.
Thank goodness, around the 14th week, my morning sickness was virtually gone. Occasionally something would still "hit me the wrong way" and I’d feel a little queasy, but even on its worst day, it was NOTHING like it was in the beginning. 

Some people take their vitamins with dinner so that they can “sleep through” the side effects, but I never tried it because I was afraid it could possibly make my horrible morning even worse the next day.

 No matter when you take it, BE SURE TO TAKE IT WITH OF FOOD.
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Don’t be fooled by the term "Morning" sickness. Morning, afternoon, night, work meetings, car rides, you name it - nothing is sacred to this sneaky bastard.

Sometimes it can last for hours, sometimes it comes and goes.  Click the title of this entry “Morning Sickness - not just for the morning” above, or “Read more” below for more information about morning sickness, as well as some remedies and tricks I’ve learned in dealing with one of my least favorite pregnancy side effects. 

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be anything from mild nausea or queasiness, to full on throw up sessions. These dreadful "green" moments can be triggered by anything, or nothing at all. The smell, certain foods, moving too quickly, staying still for too long, even a thought, can trigger morning sickness. Lucky for you, I have put together a list of tips and remedies that helped me and some friends through this very debilitating part of pregnancy. 
  • Bland foods, carbs, and cold dairy-free treats were my best friend when I was plagued by the morning sickness beast. Saltine crackers, bagels, toast, Jello, ice pops, Italian ice, ginger ale, and almonds were some of the few things not rejected by my mouth, nose, and belly. Personally, at this point in your pregnancy, I think it's more important to worry about getting something down, than to worry about what you're getting down. Obviously, you want to try to maintain a somewhat healthy diet, but if you're not getting anything at all, you're not doing anyone any good. You should try be careful about your sugar intake, however, do be sure to stay away from sugar-free anything, the “fake sugar” or sugar substitutes, have been known to be extremely unhealthy for both mother and baby.
  • When you wake up, sit up slowly (I know, that can be hard to do when you have to pee so badly you feel like your eyes will burst) and stay in your bed for a minute or two, then slowly stand up. I actually kept saltine crackers by my bed and ate them before my feet ever touched the floor. Eating something at that point is probably the furthest thing from your mind, but sometimes it can help absorb some of the "yucky" stuff in your stomach making you feel sick.
  • In the beginning I would avoid eating for as long as I could, or I would end up eating a bunch of whatever it was that I could stand, so that it would “hold me over” so I wouldn’t have to do it again for a long time. Not a good idea. Try eating multiple small meals throughout the day. Feeling hungry, and feeling too full can actually make morning sickness worse.
  • If it doesn't smell appealing, stay away from it. Also try to stay away from spicy, greasy and fatty foods that may further upset your stomach.
  • Personally, I never tried this one, but some women use acupressure wristbands to help with their nausea.
  • Vitamin B6 has been shown to help alleviate some nausea in pregnant women. (25 mg 3x daily)

Everything is different for each woman, and each pregnancy, however, most of the time morning sickness subsides either near the end of the first trimester, or the beginning of the second. 
<![CDATA[Bedrest Blues]]>Sun, 24 Nov 2013 00:25:18 GMThttp://justcallmemom.weebly.com/pregnancy/bedrest-bluesI've been having a bit of a pity party for myself over the last few days thanks to the bed rest blues.  After 5 years of monthly let downs while trying to get pregnant, this coming Thursday (Thanksgiving), I'll be pregnant for 32 weeks. 

Of our 32 weeks of pregnancy, we've spent the past 12 on strict bed rest, the last 4 (to present) continuing our bed rest in the hospital. I'm homesick, achy, tired, and jealous of all the "pinterest pregnancies" that everyone else gets to have. I miss my dogs and pretending I'm not home when I don't feel like dealing with anyone who knocks on my door. I want some alone with my husband for the last time in a LONG time before this baby gets here. 

I'm so unbelievably thankful for my munchkin, but I'm in a real funk right now.

Please click the title of this entry "Bed Rest Blues" above, or "Read More" below to see more of my pregnancy and bed rest story
​At 20 weeks pregnant, I was put on strict bed rest because of cervical funneling. From what I understand, cervical funneling is when the internal cervix starts effacing, but the external part is unaffected. Pressure from the baby is causing my cervix to shorten, which is putting us at risk for preterm delivery and officially classifying us as "high risk." A combo of progesterone injections and staying flat is supposed to take the pressure off and keep him “cooking” for longer.

From weeks 20 to 28 I was on strict bed rest at home, however on week 28 (Halloween day) we went for our 3D ultrasound but never got that far. She did snap 2 quick shots, just to make us feel better, but she didn't get to do the whole "3D ultrasound experience." She checked the weight of the baby and my cervix length, and sent me straight to the hospital. The cervix is supposed to be around 4 cm long, and mine was 3 mm long. At that point the baby weighed approximately 2 lbs. 13 oz., and was also in a breech position.

Usually, a breech position for a baby that early isn’t a big deal, however, with the risk of preterm delivery, we’d be having an emergency C-section if I did go into labor. With a breech baby, there’s a whole list of risks, including head entrapment, where the tiny body “slides right out” but the head gets caught.

At first, my doctor told me to expect to be in the hospital for at least 6 weeks. She’d feel better with me being here until 34 weeks, but the perinatal specialists seem to think I’d be ok to go home at 32 weeks (again, that’s this THURSDAY). I have a sonogram tomorrow to determine my cervix length and the position of the baby to see if we get the green light to go home.

A baby heart monitor and contraction monitor are strapped to my belly 2 times a day; all reports are that the baby looks great. They can even somehow tell by the heart rate graph that he’s developing neurologically. He’s so active in there that sometimes he punches and kicks the monitors, or even moves around so much that they have to “track him back down” and tie down the monitor to hold him in place. We love to hear his little heart beat every day, it’s one “silver lining” to the hospital stay. My husband really loves when we hear the baby kick or punch the monitor and see me jump at the same time because I can feel it. It really makes it feel like we’re interacting with him.

When I was admitted, they gave me a steroid injection 2 days in a row to help with the lung development just in case. At 30 weeks and a day they did a sonogram and the baby was still breech, weighed 3 lbs. 5 oz. and was “practice breathing.” Other than his face on the ultrasound, the practice breathing was the cutest thing I’ve seen yet! His little chest and belly were moving. She said he was strengthening all of his muscles so that when he’s adjusting to “life on the outside” he should be ready for the change in pressure.

I was having a rough time when I was on bed rest in my own house, but being here in the hospital is brutal. The food is HORRIBLE, and they borderline harass you to get your “order” for the menu the next day, but it’s almost never right anyway. Normally, that would only bother me a little bit, but it keeps reinforcing the fact that I’m stuck here, and that I can’t just go get my own meals, let alone shop for and cook them myself.

Everyone keeps telling me to “rest up” and “relax” but there’ve been multiple people from different departments in and out of my room all day every day and even some nights. My doctor finally told everyone that I’m pretty much just here in case something happens and to “back off” a bit, so the interruptions have become less frequent. I feel like this place is turning me into a crazy person who gets irritated by everyone. I can’t get a minute to myself to just reflect on what’s going on

I’m having a hard time with guilt because I have an aunt battling colon cancer & and an uncle who just had a massive heart attack and emergency double bypass surgery. They’re dealing with horribly painful, terrifying, life changing things; and I’m all “woe is me” because I’m stuck in the hospital waiting for the best thing in my life. They’re fighting for their lives, and I don’t want my baby to have to go to the NICU.

I know that I should be (AND I AM) grateful that baby Noah and I are still safe, and healthy for now, but sometimes I get so “into my own head” that it feels like I’m going to be here in the hospital, pregnant forever. I am so ready for my little boy to be here and go home with me and his daddy. I can’t wait for the three of us to start our life together but I know it’s still too early for him to get here, and I want need him to be safe.

Another thing everyone keeps telling me is that when he does get here, I’ll wish I had the opportunity to rest. I know they mean well, but it’s just stressing me out.  Rest doesn’t work on a “rollover” plan. You can’t “stock up” so I don’t need to keep hearing about it. I get it, I won’t eat, sleep, or watch TV ever again, but right now, I’m stuck in a hospital bed not doing any of that anyway…and I’ve been doing it for over 11 weeks BEFORE the baby is even born. If he goes to term, that’s 5 more on top of it. The hormone injections and pregnancy brain aren’t helping, but I don’t know what to do to finally make myself just accept what is going on and relax. 
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​After 5 years of negative pregnancy tests, a polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis, multiple urologist appointments, and losing almost 110 lbs, we're now 23 weeks pregnant.

Be sure to click the title of this post "Finally Pregnant" above, or "Read More" below for more of our story.

Finally Pregnant

​After 5 years of trying with no success, we're now 23 weeks pregnant. Since I was 12 years old, I've struggled with my weight, anxiety/depression, and irregular periods. Finally, at 25, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I was 255 lbs when I was diagnosed and put on Metformin. Almost 4 years later, I was 147 lbs when I got pregnant. I had quit smoking cigarettes and for a while I was eating "all natural" and trying to stay away from any OTC meds, processed foods, alcohol, or anything else that could be considered "unhealthy" especially to the unborn baby I was sure I'd be carrying any day. I walked/ran but not to the point of considering myself "athletic." I did, however, have more energy with every pound I lost. After about a year and a half of losing weight, feeling healthier, and a heartbreaking number of false pregnancy tests, I felt defeated, and was close to "giving up." 

My husband is unbelievably supportive (and born to be a Daddy) and suggested possibly looking into infertility treatments. The doctor was going to start me on Clomid, but due to the restriction on the amount of cycles you can use it for, she wanted my husband's numbers to be right on target. His count was fine, but he had a "sperm morphology" issue and wanted him to see a urologist before she'd start me on it. The urologist diagnosed him with a prostate infection but was less than concerned with his numbers. He didn't agree with the OBGYN and said we'd be fine to start the Clomid. After antibiotics, right before his next appointment, the office called my husband and said the urologist was in a horrible accident, was paralyzed from the waist down, and was no longer practicing. Again, it felt like the "baby door was slammed shut" for us. We continued to try the 'old fashioned way' but stopped really trying I was no longer the "pre pregnancy health Nazi" that I considered myself for a while, started slipping back into eating more of what I wanted and having the occasional glass of wine...or three. 

My goal for years was to get myself horseback riding lessons when I lost 100 lbs. Oh our 5th wedding anniversary, my husband booked us a day trail riding in the North Georgia Mountains. We had SO MUCH FUN and it just felt so great to be out there on a horse. A few weeks later, I booked my lessons. However, I never got to take them because I found out I was pregnant! Thankfully the woman at the stables was so happy for me, she agreed to "save" my lessons for after the baby is born. 

The moral of the story: I know it's so much easier said than done, but try not to "care" so much. When you put too much thought and stress into it, your body can't relax enough to do what it needs to do to get that baby made!
<![CDATA[Poem to unborn baby - Just Call Me Mom]]>Sat, 14 Sep 2013 23:39:01 GMThttp://justcallmemom.weebly.com/pregnancy/november-07th-2015​Dear baby, you may not understand yet just who I am. But I cannot wait to hold your hand. 
To hug you and kiss your beautiful face and show you around this wonderful place.

I'm the one whose heart you've been hearing from inside. 
The one you'll run to when you want to hide.

We've waited and prayed for you, your daddy and me. 
And any day now you'll be joining our family.

Not even born yet, but oh the joy that you're bringing! 
Just hearing your heartbeat is like angels singing.

I can feel you kicking and dancing in there. 
Making my belly move around everywhere.

I'm the one who will kiss boo boos and wipe tears away. 
And the one who will love you more and more each day.

I'm the one whose finger you'll soon wrap your tiny palm, 
Upon your arrival, you can just call me mom.

-Kandice Swearingain]]>